Former Employee Opens Fire At Wal Mart Distribution Center

A former employee of the Red Bluff Walmart Distribution Center shot and killed at least one person Saturday afternoon and left several others injured. The shooting started at about 3:30PM when 31-year-old Louis Lane crashed his vehicle into the lobby area of the building. Lane got out of his vehicle, as it caught fire, and began shooting randomly into the building from a semi-automatic rifle. He also fired rounds into the parking lot. Red Bluff Police arrived and in the exchange of gun fire that ensued, Lane was shot and eventually taken to the hospital where he died. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office says at least 20 to 30 shots were exchanged between the shooter and Red Bluff Police Officers. The shooting left 1 person dead and inured 5 other people. The Tehema County Coroners Office has identified the victim as 31-year-old Martin Haro-Lozano of Orland. Lane was fired from the distribution center after he failed to show up for his shift in February of 2019. Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said the rifle’s magazine was illegal in California because it held more than 10 rounds. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Office says an autopsy is scheduled on Monday for the shooter and the victim who died. The shooting is under investigation by the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office.


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