6:30AM Tuesday: 7 New Cases In Shasta County, Other Counties Seek Large Spikes

The number of cases of Coronavirus are spiking across the North State. As of Monday evening Shasta County reported an additional 7 cases for a total of 112. The latest’s are a teenage girl, a woman in her 20’s, two men in their 40’s, a woman in her 40’s, a man in his 50’s and a woman in her 50’s. Shasta County Public Health says that 3 had symptoms. The number of hospitalized patients has tripled in 3 days to 11. 160 people are quarantined due to possible exposure. Over 12000 negative tests have been performed in Shasta County.

Butte County reported 25 new cases on Monday for a total of 168. Tehama County reported 16 new cases for a total of 75. Glenn County saw also saw 16 new cases for a total of 103. Glenn County has been placed on the states watch list. Health officials said Glenn County is experiencing elevated disease transmission. Lassen County has reported 12 cases in the community, but health officials are reporting an increase of cases among Lassen County inmates. There are now a total of 217 positive cases of Coronavirus among inmates in Lassen County state prisons, according to Lassen Cares. That’s an increase of 57 cases since last Friday. Trinity County is still reporting 2 cases, and there are no reported cases in Modoc County.


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