Victims Of Early Morning Crash Identified As Portland Residents

Identities have been released by the Shasta County Coroners Office of two people who died in a fiery crash in Downtown Redding early last Saturday morning. Just after 1AM a Ford Fusion was northbound on South Market Street at a very high speed. When it reached the split in the roadway just north of Cypress, with Pine Street to the left and East Street to the right, the driver was unable to make the slight curve. The car struck the raised median barrier, went through a construction fence and plowed into the automotive business on the corner that’s in the midst of a major renovation. Redding Firefighters arrived to find the car on its roof, fully engulfed in flames. The occupants of the car were 24-year-old Timothy Andrew Vela and 20-year-old Jordin Bland-Anderson, both of Portland, Oregon.


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