Hmong Community Plans Protest At Siskiyou County Courthouse

The Hmong community in Siskiyou County will hold a demonstration Saturday at the county courthouse in Yreka. They’ll be demanding an independent investigation into the death of 35-year-old Hawj Soobleej Kaub, a Kansas man shot by law enforcement near the Lava Fire evacuation zone on June 28th. Hawj was visiting family when he met with trouble at a roadblock and, according to the Sheriff, brandished a gun and possibly fired shots. He was shot dead by officers from at least 3 different law enforcement agencies. His wife and three children were apparently in a car right behind him and witnessed the death. Members of the Hmong community say they were actually trying to escape the fire zone. The already tense relationship between the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Department and the Hmong population of the Mount Shasta Vista Subdivision has become even more tense by the Lava Fire, which has shed light on the lack of water sources in the community. Saturday’s peaceful rally will be from Noon to 2PM at the courthouse on 4th Street in Yreka.


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