Brothers Use Water Tenders To Help Protect Taylorsville From Dixie Fire

For the tiny Plumas County Town of Taylorsville, salvation came not from the clouds, but from a couple of brothers and their water trucks. Cody and Clancy Pearce, with help from some neighbors, have been soaking the entire town to prevent Dixie Fire embers from burning it down. The town has been under evacuation orders for almost a week, but the brothers stayed behind, using their water tenders to hose down houses, trees, gardens and anything else that might be in danger of igniting. The Pearce brothers have refused to accept money, but one of the town’s residents started a GoFundMe account to at least reimburse them for the cost of their diesel fuel. They’re apparently willing to accept that, but any money beyond their operating costs will be donated to the Taylorsville Volunteer Fire Department. Wednesday morning’s air quality monitors show the particulate level in that area to be hazardous.


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