Two Men Rescued After Falling From The Bluffs Above The Sacramento River

Two men fell from the Sacramento River Bluffs near the end of Palisade Drive in Redding Thursday. At around 9:30AM Redding Fire, Redding Police, Shasta County Sheriff’s Boating Unit and the CHP Air-Ops all responded to reports of two people over the cliff near the Palisades walking trail. It’s unclear how the two men in their 20s ended up in their predicament, but Redding Fire Battalion Chief Eric McMurtry says he knows of multiple falls at that same location that have resulted in death or severe disfigurement. One of the men was retrieved from the water and the other one was clinging to a branch. They both were battered, bruised and cut up with complaints of pain all over. They were transported by ambulance, and their condition is unknown.


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