Monument & McFarland Fires Rage Out Of Control In Trinity County

Two big Trinity County fires have both more than tripled in size since Monday morning.

The Monument Fire started Friday about a mile south of the Trinity River resort town of Del Loma. That community has received evacuation orders along with Big Bar and Pattison Ranch. The fire is burning in the footprint of the 2008 Cedar Fire in extremely steep and inaccessible terrain. The Monument Fire is more than 6,000 acres with zero containment.

To the southeast of that is the McFarland Fire, which has expanded greatly to more than 15,900 acres. It’s threatening the Town of Wildwood, which was ordered to evacuate Sunday night. The McFarland is 5% contained as crews have cut dozer line on the west side of the fire south of Highway 36 and on the east side from Middle Fork of Cottonwood Creek to Oliphant Creek.


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