10:50AM Monday: Residents Of Platina Ordered To Evacuate

Residents in Platina were told to evacuate Monday morning as fire activity has increased for the McFarland Fire. The evacuation order includes all residences and roadways from the Trinity/Shasta County line east to the Shasta/Tehama County line. The fire now with 68% containment after burning more than 51,909 acres. The McFarland is straddling the Shasta/Trinity County line south of Hayfork. Evacuation orders were declared overnight for all occupied structures south of Highway 36 from Tedoc Road east to Ball Road, including Olympia, Fox, Sunny Brook and Valencia. Highway 36 in Trinity County is open without restrictions.

The lightning-sparked Monument Fire remains very active after burning 97,287 acres. Containment is at 10%. Evacuations have expanded to Sky Ranch Road in Junction City, where firefighters and heavy equipment fought hard to hold the line and protect homes. The fire made an uphill run to the Ironside Lookout, destroying it along with a communications repeater site used by the Forest Service. Crews have successfully held the fire west of the North Fork of the Trinity River. At least 31 structures have been confirmed destroyed. Evacuation orders are in effect for Junction City, Burnt Ranch and everything in between. The Highway 299 closure due to the Monument fire goes from Junction City to 4 miles west of Burnt Ranch.



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