Update: 6 Unvaccinated People Die From COVID

The day after three Shasta County residents died from Covid, three more Shasta County residents also died. They were a woman in her 40s, a man in his 50s and a man in his 80s. None of the six whose deaths were reported Monday and Tuesday had been vaccinated. Shasta County hospitalizations due to Covid are near those experienced at the height of the pandemic. 68 Covid patients are currently in the hospital and 15 are in the ICU. An additional 99 cases were reported Tuesday as well. Shasta County Public Health wants to remind everyone that if they test positive or are exposed to someone with the virus, they should follow the isolation and quarantine instructions at shastaready.org. Officials say vaccines are safe and effective, even against the Delta Variant. Shasta County has one of the state’s lowest vaccination rates. A free walk-in vaccine clinic is open at the Redding Senior Center on Benton Drive each Friday through Sunday from 10AM to 7PM, with other options available at myturn.ca.gov.


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