Car Sheared In Two On Hwy 44 But Injuries Only Moderate

A crash involving four vehicles just outside Palo Cedro Monday afternoon resulted in only moderate injuries, despite one car being split in half. The collision happened just after 5:30 on Highway 44 on the hill a little west of Deschutes Road. The CHP says 41-year-old Hallielynn Zaharris allowed her westbound Kia Optima to drift across the center line into the path of an eastbound Toyota Tundra pickup driven by Mark Tracy of Millville. He swerved but hit the Kia anyway. The Kia began spinning around and was struck by an eastbound Honda Civic driven by Khloe Forrister. That collision sheared the Kia in half, with part of the car ending up on the shoulder. Crystal Cisneros, driving a Subaru, couldn’t avoid the mess unfolding in front of her and struck the Honda. The Kia driver was transported with moderate injuries and the Honda driver had minor injuries. Everybody was wearing a seatbelt.


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