Trial Gets Underway For Carlos Zapata For Altercation At Downtown Restaurant

A jury trial has begun for an altercation involving political activist Carlos Zapata and two others. Charges were filed in June for a fight in Downtown Redding that injured an opponent of the Shasta County Supervisor recall campaign. Zapata and Nathan “Blaze” Pinkney, who has made parody videos in which he impersonates Zapata and ridicules the “Red, White and Blueprint” group, had been taunting each other through social media. On May 4th, an altercation began in the restaurant where Pinkney worked and ended in an alleyway behind the restaurant. Pinkney was left with a black eye from the incident. The DA’S Office eventually filed misdemeanor charges of battery and disturbing the peace by fighting against Zapata and his companions, Christopher Meagher and Elizabeth Bailey. Meagher also faces charges in a separate case accusing him of assaulting an elderly man outside a bar on South Market Street.


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