SCSO: Parolee Pulled Over For Lighting Violation Arrested After Deputies Find Fentanyl & Meth

A drug bust was done after a vehicle search made possible by a passenger being on parole. It was about 2 hours into the new year when a Ford F-150 pickup was pulled over for a lighting violation near Oasis Road and Cascade Boulevard. 47-year-old Michael Allen Harvey of Cottonwood was driving with 39-year-old Michael David Williams as a passenger. When deputies learned that Williams’ release terms allow for a warrantless search, they checked the area around his seat and reportedly found 6 Pounds of processed cannabis and a small safe. Garin the K9 sniffed the safe and indicated drugs were inside. Both men denied ownership of the safe, but a key was eventually found in Harvey’s pocket. After getting into the safe deputies allegedly found over 24 Grams of Meth and 6 Grams of Fentanyl. Harvey was booked into jail and Williams was released at the scene.


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