Armed Man Arrested After Incident A Yreka Casino

A man burst into Rain Rock Casino in Yreka brandishing a gun, but the situation was handled with no shots fired, according to casino management and Yreka Police. At 11:08AM Saturday morning, Billy Sonntag walked in with a shotgun in one hand and a silver box in the other. He set the box down near the front entrance and asked for security. As the casino manager accompanied him to the security office, staff began evacuating everyone from the casino floor. When two Yreka Police Officers arrived they were able to convince Sonntag to put down the shotgun and he was handcuffed. The CHP and deputies assisted with a full evacuation of the casino, and the sheriff’s bomb squad secured and neutralized the silver box. They later found it only contained papers. Sonntag is in jail on a Million Dollars bail. His intentions remain unclear. A casino spokesperson says says the staff undergoes annual active shooter training, and they reacted appropriately under stress. The casino closed its doors and will not reopen until 11AM Tuesday, to allow all the employees to be contacted by a crisis counselor. Traumatized guests may call 800-842-8979.


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