SWAT Team Called After Hourslong Standoff With Man Who Threatened Neighbors With A Meat Cleaver

A man who’s been a nuisance to his neighbors for a long time was taken into custody Thursday night after a lengthy standoff with Redding Police. Officers were sent at 2:30PM to some apartments on South Street near Athens for a vandalism call. They recognized the suspect from previous contacts as 69-year-old Melvin Rose. While police were investigating, Rose reportedly came out of his apartment and threatened his neighbors with a large meat cleaver. Officers with the Crisis Intervention Response Team interrupted his threats and he returned to his apartment and barricaded himself inside. As the hours ticked by and negotiations went nowhere, neighbors were evacuated and backup was called, including the SWAT team and the armored vehicle. Eventually, officers lobbed tear gas into the apartment, which drove Rose out and he was taken into custody.


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