Bureau Of Reclamation Announces 50,000 Acre-Feet Water Allocations For Klamath Basin Farmers

Farmers in the Klamath Basin in Siskiyou County and Southern Oregon will get very limited irrigation water this year, but they’ll get some money as well. The Federal Bureau of Reclamation announced Monday an initial allocation of 50,000 acre-feet beginning this Friday. That’s just one-seventh of the usual allocation. The continued supply depends on a minimum level to be maintained in Upper Klamath Lake. Officials say they’ll take legal action against any unauthorized water diversions. The good news is $20 Million in aid to the Klamath Project Drought Response Agency, along with $5 Million in technical assistance for Klamath Basin tribal projects. Flushing will continue this Spring to reduce potential disease-causing algae, as well as to support the Yurok Tribe’s boat dance ceremony.


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