Council Votes To Hire Consultant To Review Proposed Land Deal, Approves Water Restrictions

The Redding City Council did not vote to make a surplus declaration for city owned property including the Rodeo Grounds and the Civic Auditorium at it’s meeting Tuesday night. Following nearly three hours of public comment and discussion the council voted to instead take roughly a Million Dollars from the South City Park Redevelopment Fund and future broadband service to hire a consultant to come up with a riverfront specific plan for the area. Presumably once that is complete, the council will still have to declare the property as surplus if it wishes to move forward.

Redding Residents will be asked to cut back on water usage under a plan approved by the city council Tuesday night. Under the governors water conservation proclamation, municipalities must now cut back by at least 20 percent. In Redding that means that watering can only be done between 9PM and 7AM three days a week depending on location. There is no hosing down of sidewalks. Carwashing can only be done with a shutoff nozzle. There can be a Fifty Dollar fine for each violation, but public works says that education and warnings will be more likely if there is a complaint. The restrictions go into effect on May 1st.


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