Dr. Ramstrom’s Job Status To Be Discussed By Board Of Supervisors In Closed Session

A public servant says she doesn’t want to lose her job and doesn’t want to be muzzled, so she’s objecting to her possible termination. A closed session item on Tuesday morning’s Board of Supervisors agenda is titled “Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release”, and County Health Officer Doctor Karen Ramstrom says she’s the public employee in question. Doctor Ramstrom drew the ire of some people frustrated over COVID-19 restrictions but, as she points out, she and her public health colleagues were never more restrictive than the state required. That’s how the board directed them: enforcement through education. Her performance evaluations have been positive and her peer reviews exemplary. That’s why many community members are puzzled by the possibility that a highly qualified and respected military veteran may be fired Tuesday. Doctor Ramstrom says she’s sad and disappointed.


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