Record Searchlight: Anselmo Says Woman Are Too “Emotional” For Political Office

Reverge Anselmo, who has poured far more money into Shasta County politics in a single year than anyone ever has, does not support female candidates, according to a Record Searchlight reporter. Damon Arthur quotes Anselmo as saying in a phone call that women are generally too emotional and “squishy” for political office. Anselmo has contributed nearly a Million Dollars to local all-male candidates and local political action committees in the last two years. Many believe that Anselmo has a grudge against Shasta County. He owned a vineyard near Shingletown and fought the county on required building permits for a stone chapel and other structures. He sued the county on the issue and lost big, then moved to Connecticut. Anselmo has not, and has said he will not, return to Shasta County, but he has provided a huge amount of money toward the campaign to overtake the Board of Supervisors and other county positions. Anselmo’s father made a fortune developing a satellite network and Anselmo has inherited that wealth. His ultimate goal is apparently, in part, to eliminate the Department of Resource Management.


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