Thursday Update: Nearly 24,000 Ballots Remain Uncounted In Shasta County

Any presumptions about Shasta County’s election results are now uncertain because the estimated number of ballots still to be processed is almost as many as those already completed. The results released Wednesday morning are from 26,140 ballots. Another 23,953 ballots were either dropped off in envelopes at polling places or received in the mail after Monday. After those are processed, the office will handle the provisional ballots and those that were rejected due to a bad signature match or some other technicality. This is the first primary election in which everybody got a mail-in ballot, so the number of voters who took that option was not predictable. On Friday the latest tabulation will be released late in the afternoon on the County Clerk’s website. The next update after that will likely be next Friday. The canvassing process must be completed by July 7th. At this point all the incumbents still lead by wide margins, but that could change as the process continues.


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