Wrong Way Driver Killed In Head-On Crash That Leaves Woman Hospitalized With Major Injuries

A Bella Vista man was killed in what appeared to be an intentional head-on crash on Interstate Five in North Redding Friday night. A little after 9 O’clock, 69-year-old Randall James Lewis was driving a Ford Explorer south on the northbound side of the freeway north of the Market Street overpass. He was driving on the paved center median but when the pavement ended and it turned to gravel, he moved to the fastlane into the path of a Chevy Equinox driven by Devyn Zeno Lewis of Shasta Lake. She couldn’t swerve because of a tractor-trailer to her right and she was struck head-on, which pushed her SUV into the big rig. Randall Lewis was not wearing a seatbelt. He was declared dead at the scene. Devyn Lewis was hospitalized with major injuries. The trucker wasn’t hurt.


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