Parents Of 2-Year-Old Arrested After Child Is Found Running Alone On Churn Creek Road

Fathers Day didn’t go well for the parents of a wandering 2-year-old. Just before 6AM Sunday a toddler was found running up and down Churn Creek Road wearing only a diaper and holding a bag of candy. It was 61 degrees at the time and the child was cold and shivering. He was taken to a hospital as a precaution while Redding Police tried to find where he belonged. In the past year there have been several prior reports of the same little boy wandering around unattended, leading officers about a quarter mile away to the Bond Street home of 45-year-old Joshua Billing and 38-year-old Nicole Shreve. They were both there, along with the toddler’s 9-year-old brother, who was asleep on the living room couch. They had no idea that the 2-year-old was missing. They also have a 12-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy, who were staying with friends. Officers say the home was filthy, with the floor and furniture covered with food and insects crawling everywhere. All four children were taken by County Children’s Services and the parents were booked into jail for felony child endangerment


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