Final Vote Tally Shows November Run-Off Will Be Held For Supervisors Seats

Every ballot cast in Shasta County’s primary election has been counted and the results are now certain. The two contested board of supervisor races will be decided in a run-off in November, and the incumbents have swept the county-wide elected offices. In the District One supervisors race, gym owner Kevin Crye shows 42.6%, compared to Dutch Bros franchisee and Redding Councilperson Erin Resner, who has 48.4%. In the District 5 race, former retail manager Chris Kelstrom with 36.5% is the strongest challenger to business owner and Anderson Councilman Baron Browning, who holds 43.7%. Judy Flores will keep her job as School Superintendent, Stephanie Bridget will still be the District Attorney, Michael Johnson has won his first election as Sheriff, and Cathy Darling-Allen is the Clerk and Registrar of Voters. With 52,093 ballots cast, Shasta County showed a 46.4% voter turnout.


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