Salmon May Again Swim Above Shasta Dam As Effort Begins To Save Endangered Fish

For the first time since Shasta Dam was built, Salmon may soon be swimming in the McCloud River. The Salmon are sacred to the Winnemum Wintu, who lost most of their ancestral lands when the dam was built, and have been seeking a way to restore them for years. What’s being done is not a reintroduction. It’s an effort to head off the drought-driven extinction of the species. About 20,000 fertilized Winter Run Chinook eggs have been placed in special incubators at the AH-DI-NA Campground, and another 20,000 will join them next month. They’ll be released into the river as fry, then trapped and released downriver from the dam to make their migration to the ocean. A Winnemum Wintu ceremony was held to mark the delivery of the eggs on Monday by state and federal wildlife officials.


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