Supervisors Certify Election Results, Recall Request Withdrawn

There will apparently be no recount of the certified results of last month’s Shasta County Primary Election. After hours of public comment at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, the request for a recount was withdrawn by Mark Kent, who had made the formal request and would have had to pay the costs of the recount, estimated at around $11,000. The board voted to accept the results, which was only a formality not legally subject to a vote by the board. Still, Patrick Jones and Tim Garmin voted against it anyway despite being advised by County Counsel Robin Cruse that they had no legal authority in the matter. One thing the board all agreed on is a future discussion of campaign finance reform for county races after a flood of out-of-state billionaire money, timber money and tribal casino money. Tueday’s many hours of public comment was mostly concerning nuts-and-bolts issues like sharpie pens bleeding through ballots, as well as suspicions about ballots machines, poll workers and an impression among some people that ballots are not handled securely. These concerns have all been addressed by County Clerk Cathy Darling-Allen.


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