APD: Women Serving Court Mandated Work Days Arrested For Theft From Volunteers

Two women have been arrested for stealing from a volunteer’s purse at the VFW Hall in Anderson. Sunday afternoon 39-year-old Crystal Stidham and 30-year-old Kaitlyn Dunham were both at the VFW Hall serving court mandated work days from drug convictions. After they left, Sarah Walton, who was volunteering at the hall, called Anderson Police to report that someone had gone through her purse and stolen about $45 and her credit cards, and one of the cards had just been used at a nearby gas station. An officer went to the gas station and watched video footage, apparently showing Stidham and Dunham buying several items with Walton’s credit card. On Monday a probation search was done at Dunham’s Anderson home. Officers say they found Meth and Heroin, and Code Enforcement declared the place uninhabitable and red tagged it. Meanwhile Stidham had shown up to her scheduled work day at the VFW Hall. Both women were booked into jail.


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