State Revives Stalled Plans For Underground Water Tunnels

California officials have released their latest plan to reroute water from Northern California to thirsty Southern California through a giant underground tunnel. The proposal made public Wednesday puts the Newsom Administration’s stamp on an infrastructure project that’s been talked about for decades, and almost broke ground five years ago in the waning days of the Obama Administration. The Department of Water Resources’ plan outlines possible harmful effects from the project on people, fish, farms and the environment. State water officials say the project is badly needed to modernize the state’s infrastructure in the face of climate change. But critics say it will hurt communities in northern areas of the state that rely on that water, as well as endangered Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento River Watershed. The plan has been lobbied hard by some powerful San Joaquin Valley and Los Angeles area water districts, which have wielded a lot of political influence and very deep pockets.


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