Convicted Sex Offender Found Guilty Of Murdering 26-Year-Old Man In March

A jury has convicted a 59-year-old Shasta Lake City man of first degree murder for shooting an acquaintance in a jealous rage. On March 31st, Dwight Honeycutt used a sawed-off shotgun to kill 26-year-old Robert Eladio Gonzalez at Honeycutt’s home on Pancake Hill in Shasta Lake City. Honeycutt had caught Gonzalez in his home and was angered by Gonzalez making advances toward Honeycutt’s girlfriend. Gonzalez was their neighbor and they had apparently used drugs together earlier in the day. Honeycutt is a registered sex offender and should not have been in possession of the gun. A sentencing date has not been set. Honeycutt faces more than 50 years to life in prison.


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