New Short Term Rental Applications On 45-Day Moratorium Until New Ordinance Can Be Drafted

The Redding City Council has voted to put a 45-day moratorium on all new short term rental applications. The pause will be put in place while a new updated ordinance is drafted by the planning commission. At its last meeting the council discussed the problems associated with short term rentals including, noise, traffic, and parking. It also wanted to be sure that owners collect a transient occupancy tax, much like hotels do. At the last meeting, Council Member Mark Mezzano asked the Police Chief Bill Schueller to come back with statistics regarding short term rentals. He said most of the calls were from the tenants themselves, and not neighbors. The ordinance will only affect new applications, and not those already in process or renewals. It also will not apply to hosted stay applications, where someone rents a room from an owner-occupied home. The ordinance must be renewed every 45-days and can be good for up to a year.


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