Deputies Arrest Man With Fully Loaded “Ghost Gun” In Palo Cedro

A catastrophe may have been diverted Wednesday when Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies intercepted a man believed to be on a mission of destruction. The Sheriff’s Office was told that 38-year-old Joshua Good was armed with an AR-15, was possibly suicidal and wanted to kill police and family members. He was on his way from his Whitmore home to Redding, so deputies combed the area in between with help from a CHP helicopter. Good’s car was spotted in the parking lot of a gas station in Palo Cedro and he was seen walking into the store. Deputies went inside to detain Good. He resisted but after a struggle he was handcuffed. Due to prior convictions, Good is not supposed to have guns. In his car deputies reported finding a short-barrel assault rifle on the rear floorboard. It had a fully loaded magazine attached and a live round in the chamber, along with two more loaded high capacity magazines. The gun had no serial number and is considered a “Ghost Gun”.


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