Siskiyou Sheriff Names Media Organizations It Says Trespassed In McKinney Fire Zone

Several media outlets are being investigated by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, which says they may ask the district attorney to press charges. Last week the sheriff admonished a national ABC news crew for bringing a resident to her uncle’s house inside the McKinney Fire zone, where they found her uncle dead and included film in their news report prior to the notification of next of kin. Apparently the inspection team going door to door in the Klamath River area had not yet reached that property. The sheriff’s office now says they’ve learned of more media bringing unauthorized people into the evacuated area, trespassing on private property and disturbing burned homes that had not yet been inspected by law enforcement. The law allows media to go almost anywhere they choose within disaster areas, but not on private property and not in the company of non-media civilians. The sheriff’s office has singled out the news organizations on their list. They are ABC News, CBS News, KRCR from Redding, KDRV from Medford and the LA Times. The management of KRCR has issued a statement disputing the claims made by the sheriff’s office.


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