Man Found Guilty Of Murdering 20-Year-Old Woman Faces Life In Prison

A Redding murderer who killed a young woman and dumped her body next to the skating rink may be going away for the rest of his life. 24-year-old Jerome Dennell Dzwonek was convicted by a Shasta County jury July 20th for first degree murder and sexual battery, along with special allegations. On October 27th of 2019, Dzwonek had a disagreement during a date with 20-year-old Larissa Cole and he strangled her to death, then dumped her body next to Viking Skate Country. He disposed of evidence, including Larissa’s cell phone, in the dumpster of his own apartment building on Butte Street. Dzwonek returned to court last Wednesday for a hearing during which additional aggravating factors were found to be true. Sentencing is set for October 14th, when he faces possible life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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