Steep Terrain Slows Progress For Crews Battling Lightning Sparked Fires

Highway 299 is subject to closure at any time near Willow Creek due to fire. The Six Rivers Lightning Complex, which began as a dozen fires in the area of Willow Creek, now comprises 5 active fires which have burned a total of 10,800 acres in Trinity and Humboldt Counties. There’s still no containment on any of the fires, which are burning on the most steep, rugged and difficult to access landscape imaginable. The fires are fueled by logging slash, along with an understory of light brush and litter beneath a conifer overstory. The steep terrain allows the fire to burn uphill unabated and then burning material rolls downhill as well. Threatened communities include Salyer and Willow Creek, as well as Hoopa tribal areas. So far, no structures have been lost. Current evacuation orders can be found at


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