Suspected Pimp Sought By Authorities After Anti-Sex Trafficking Operation In Shasta County

A Redding man is wanted after being identified as a pimp during a sting operation last week. The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office took part in a nationwide multi-agency effort against sex trafficking called Operation Cross Country, involving the FBI and hundreds of local and state law enforcement agencies in the first two weeks of August. On August 13th the Sheriff’s Office, along with the DA’s Office and Redding and Anderson Police, used prostitution websites to solicit sex acts, and arranged for meetings at a local hotel. Several women showed up to perform pre-arranged sexual services, and they were detained and offered victim services before being released. One of the prostitutes reportedly identified her pimp as 27-year-old Anthony Augustus. An arrest warrant has been acquired for him, but his whereabouts are not known. A $1,000 reward is offered for anonymous tips at 243-2319 or


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