“Swatting” Incident Sends Large Police Response To Shingletown Home

A large police response was sent to a Shingletown home based on a fake call, according to the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. At around 3:40PM Thursday afternoon a 9-1-1 caller said he had followed a woman to her Alpine Way home. He claimed he had shot and killed her and was waiting in the home with an AR-15 for the arrival of law enforcement so he could have a gunfight with them. Multiple deputies and CHP Air Operations responded and a Code Red Alert was sent to neighbors telling them to shelter in place. Upon further investigation it was learned that it was all a hoax perpetrated by a caller from out of the country. It’s a practice known as “swatting”, and it’s resulted in unnecessary deaths in other parts of the country. Detectives are still hoping to track down the caller.


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