Man Found Guilty Of 2nd Degree Murder For 2020 Crash That Killed Passenger

A Shasta Lake City man who caused the death of his passenger when he ran a red light while impaired has been sentenced. 26-year-old Robert Christopher Maughs was already on parole for DUI causing injury and had a suspended license on December 8th of 2020 when he was driving a Toyota 4Runner northbound on Lake Boulevard. Maughs ran the red light at Oasis Road and collided with a Buick that had been making a left turn from Lake to Oasis. The impact knocked the Toyota onto its side and sent it into the light pole at the corner of the intersection. Maughs and his passenger, 19-year-old Jimmie Junior Adkison the Second, were trapped for an extended period of time before they could be extricated by Redding Fire Personnel. Neither of them was wearing a seatbelt. Adkison was declared dead at the scene. Maughs, who was found to be drunk and on drugs, suffered major injuries and had just recently been released from medical care 8 months later when he was arrested. Last Thursday a jury found Maughs guilty of second degree murder for the death of Adkinson and guilty of DUI causing injury to Cassandra Petty, the Buick driver. Maughs faces a possible sentence of 42-years-to-life in state prison.


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