Lawsuit Accusing Civil Rights Violations Filed Against Award Winning RPD Officer

A $5 million lawsuit has been filed against the City of Redding and the Redding Police award winning DUI specialist Jacob Provencio. The plaintiff, Rebecckah McClelland claims her 4th amendment rights were violated during a traffic stop and arrest in August of 2020. The suit says that McClelland was leaving the Hen House on Hartnell Avenue that night when she was pulled over into the back parking lot of Holiday Market. She allegedly was frisked by Provencio and two other officers in a manner that could be defined as sexual assault, as her request to be searched by a female officer was ignored. It’s also claimed that she was handcuffed and placed in the police car in a rough manner that left bruises on her wrists and ribcage. She claims that when she pleaded not to be taken to jail, the officers asked what she would do for them, implying favors of a sexual nature. She was apparently arrested for DUI but the case was never filed against her. A few days after the arrest, she says Provencio sent a text message and a voice message asking how she was doing. The suit shows evidence that an internal affairs investigation followed, and that Provencio was found to have violated department policy during the arrest. McClelland was also apparently contacted by a private investigator who was trying to establish a pattern of similar behavior during the arrests of other women. The suit has been filed in U.S. District Court. Officer Provencio has been recognized a number of times for his record number of DUI arrests, which exceeded 2,000 earlier this year.


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