RPD Officer Cleared In Fatal Shooting On Christmas Eve Of 2020

A Redding Police Officer has been cleared of wrongdoing for shooting a woman to death on Christmas Eve of 2020. 39-year-old Tara Liubakka called 9-1-1 several times starting early that morning, stating she was suicidal, that she had been poisoned and sexually assaulted, and trying to report that her neighbor on Irwin Road, Timothy Valdez, was dealing drugs. She then stole her roommate’s gun and shot Valdez. She fled on foot to Domino’s Pizza on Cypress, where she used the gun to carjack a car from an employee. The car owner, Carolyn Arion, fought back and the gun went off. Arion ended up in possession of the gun but Luibakka drove away in her car. She tried to ram her way into Olde West Gun and Loan on North Market but failed and drove to Walmart. It was almost 8PM Christmas Eve and the store was closed by then. Liubakka drove the car through the glass and into Walmart, around the cashier area, stopped and tried to break into a display case then drove back out. She stole some knives from an apartment off Old Alturas before abandoning the car off Browning Street. Officer Khae Saelee caught up to her and chased her on foot until she turned toward him with knives in both hands and he shot her three times, killing her.


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