Federal Prosecutors Recommend Sheri Pipini Be Sentenced To 8 Months In Prison

Federal prosecutors are recommending that Sherri Papini be sentenced to the lower end of the sentencing range. In November of 2016 the mother of two vanished while jogging near her Mountain Gate home. More than 3 weeks later she reappeared in Yolo County. Her wrists were bound, her nose was broken, and she was covered in bruises, burns, rashes and chain marks. She claimed she had been abducted at gunpoint by two Hispanic women, but she actually had been staying with an ex-boyfriend in Costa Mesa and had harmed herself to support her story. As prosecutors point out, the community believed the hoax and lived in fear that Hispanic women were roving the streets to abduct and sell women. In April Papini took a plea deal and admitted to lying to a federal officer and defrauding the state’s Victim Compensation Board of $30,000. In a written statement Papini said she was “ashamed”” of her behavior and apologized to loved ones she hurt. A sentencing hearing had been set for July 11th, but at Papini’s request it was delayed to September 19th. The U.S. Attorney’s Office has submitted a recommendation of 8 months in federal prison. The upper end of the sentencing range would be 25 years. Restitution is not being sought for the investigative costs or the money fraudulently received from the Victims Compensation Fund or the Social Security Administration.


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