Man Convicted On 13 Felony Charges Sentenced To More Than 15 Years In Prison

A Yreka man has been sentenced for a series of crimes committed over a 16 month period. In January of last year 26-year-old Justin Edward Maughs was caught driving a stolen pickup with no driver’s license while under the influence of drugs and in possession of guns. Later that day Etna Police searched the property where Maughs had been staying and found over 300 Pounds of Cannabis and more guns. Maughs was convicted last October of 7 felonies and given probation. In February he stole a work truck containing Thousands of Dollars worth of tools from a Yreka hotel. The truck was found south of Sacramento over two weeks later. In March he stole two ATV’s and a dirt bike from a Yreka home. A few days later a Yreka Police Officer chased Maughs in a stolen pickup but he got away. In April maughs was seen riding as a passenger in a truck in Yreka that was then pulled over. Maughs refused to get out, then jumped into the driver’s seat on top of the driver and took off with a deputy attached to the side of the truck. The deputy was hit by a side view mirror of a parked car and fell. His leg was run over by the truck. Maughs drove a little further and then ran away on foot. He was captured in Nevada. In July Maughs pled guilty to 13 felonies, and he’s been sentenced to more than 15 years in state prison.


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