3 Arrested In Glenn County After Reported Carjacking At Rolling Hills Casino

Three people have been arrested for a carjacking committed Saturday morning at Rolling Hills Casino in Corning. The victim was in his car in the parking lot when two men approached and demanded that he get out. One of them was holding a shotgun. When the man got out, the two robbers got in and drove away. Tehama County Deputies, with help from casino security, say they were able to identify the two men as 29-year-old Roberto Diaz-Mendoza and 18-year-old Joseph Lodge. The stolen vehicle was found in Glenn County and the two men were arrested along with 37-year-old Karla Ortega-Pahua. Deputies say they were riding in a vehicle that had been stolen out of Chico and were in possession of guns used in the carjacking. While being booked into jail, all three were reportedly found to be trying to sneak in Fentanyl and Methamphetamine.


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