Police Seek Man After Discovery Of 400 Pounds Of Cannabis

Corning Police are seeking the resident of a McKinley Avenue home after the accidental discovery of a very large cannabis stash. Last Thursday an animal control officer happened to be in the area of 1931 McKinley when he caught a strong whiff of marijuana smell, then noticed two plants growing in the back yard. He notified his supervisor, who arrived a short time later with other Corning Police Officers. They all noticed the strong odor, which seemed to be coming from a second smaller house on the property. Taking a closer look, they could see that all the windows were blacked out and a ventilation system was protruding from one of the windows. Nobody was home, but a search warrant was acquired for both houses. Inside the smaller house officers say they found 440 Pounds of processed bud. Police are now trying to find the resident, Miguel Angel Arias-Ledesma.


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