115 Abuse & Neglected Animals Seized During Search Of Property In Adin

A menagerie of neglected animals have been discovered at a Lassen County property. On October 2nd a deputy responding to a call about a dog bite went to a home off Highway 299 in Adin and noticed several animals lacking proper care, as well as dead animals in various states of decomposition. A search warrant was acquired and Monday deputies and animal control officers, accompanied by a team of veterinarians, searched the 246 acre parcel, which had a main house, a shop, several other outbuilding and a number of travel trailers, which were occupied by Jessica Wick, Christian Corwin, James Joint and Brooke Dibrell. Deputies determined they were squatters and were responsible for the abused and neglected animals. There was not adequate food, water or care provided to any of the animals, which were being fed with the rotting carcasses of the animals that had died. A pile of carcasses was found that was 30 feet long, 20 feet wide and 4 feet deep. Deputies seized 115 animals: 24 dogs, 22 goats, 15 horses, 8 pigs, 1 cow, 26 rabbits, 10 ducks, 4 chickens, a goose, a sheep, a cat, an alpaca and a turtle. The alpaca and one horse had to be put down. A few of the animals belonged to the resident of the main house, and they were in better shape than the rest. Many volunteers and private veterinarians donated their time and ongoing labor to take the abused animals to other locations.


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