Redding’s Long Delayed New Costco Store Will Open In Late November

The new Redding Costco under construction on Bechelli Lane and South Bonnyview will be open before Thanksgiving. According to the Costco corporate website, the official opening day for the new store will be November 22nd. The project was delayed for more than a decade by legal challenges brought by a coalition of neighboring property owners off Bechelli Lane. In May of last year a petition initiative backed by Costco received well over the 5,600 signatures needed to qualify it for a referendum, and the city council had a choice of putting it to the voters or passing it themselves. They opted for direct approval. There were further delays in December when human remains were found during site preparation, but the bones were determined to be too recent to be Native American and not a result of foul play. The 25 acre parcel had been undeveloped and was occupied by a high canopy of Ghost Pine, Live Oak and other trees. Bechelli Lane ran through the property long ago, but it was then reclaimed by overgrowth and homeless camps. The “River Crossing Marketplace” will include a 152,000 square foot Costco, including a gas station with up to 30 fueling positions and around 70,000 square feet of other businesses.


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