Deputies Arrest Two Men After Chasing Stolen Pickup Truck On Clear Creek Road

Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies chased a stolen pickup truck Monday morning. At around 10:15AM, the Ford F-250, which had been reported stolen overnight, was seen off Clear Creek Road and Cloverdale Road at the water towers. When deputies approached, the truck took off to the east on Clear Creek Road. Deputies chased the truck at high speed to Dredge Lane, where it suddenly stopped and the driver and passenger jumped out and ran in different directions. One was found in a nearby ravine and the other was found near the Clear Creek Gorge overlook. The alleged driver, 39-year-old Daniel Harrington of Redding, and the alleged passenger, 40-year-old Brandt Clifford of Sacramento, were both booked into jail and the truck was returned to its owner.


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