NPU Makes Drug Arrest At Home In North Redding

Three people, including a brother and sister, were arrested or cited Thursday after a search warrant was served at a North Redding house. The investigation began as a result of complaints alleging drug dealing received by officers during the National Night Out. At around Noon Thursday, the Neighborhood Police Unit detained five people at the home on Bradley Drive off of Beltline. 41-year-old Caitlin Corron refused to come outside so officers went into her bedroom and detained her. During the search, officers reported finding Methamphetamine, a large quantity of Cannabis, a large amount of Suboxone Sublingual Strips without a prescription, as well as other pharmaceutical drugs. Suboxone is a prescription medicine used to treat Opioid addiction. Caitlin was booked into jail while her brother Tyrone and another man were cited and released.


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