Rabies Advisory Issued For Trinity County

A Rabies Advisory has been issued by Trinity County Public Health after an uptick has been seen in rabid wildlife interacting with domestic animals and humans. It’s often difficult to tell if an animal is rabid because symptoms such as foaming at the mouth usually don’t occur until the later stages of the disease, if at all. A better indicator is a general change in behavior, like nocturnal animals becoming active during the day. Any bat seen during the day should be assumed to be rabid. Wild or domestic animals with rabies might stagger or act restless, they might be aggressive or change the usual tone of barks or growls. Sometimes they can appear to be choking. Once symptoms appear in a human, rabies is 100% fatal. The vast majority of reported cases occur in bats, raccoons, skunks, and foxes while dogs, cats, and cattle account for about 10 percent of reported cases.


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