Probationer Arrested With Large Cache Of Firearms In Round Mountain

A man on probation was arrested in the Round Mountain area Thursday night with some serious firepower. Just after 6:30PM, someone called 9-1-1 and reported a suspicious vehicle on Buzzard Roost Road and a heavily armed man with guns strapped under his vehicle. Deputies responded from Burney and found 36-year-old Andrew Leland Pace. He’s had a prior felony conviction and is on probation out of Santa Cruz County for possession of a destructive device. Deputies did a probation search and found ammunition, so they investigated further and learned pace was associated with a nearby property. That’s where deputies found a large box containing a fully automatic .223 caliber AR-15, a loaded bolt action .308 caliber rifle, a loaded 9 millimeter pistol, five 30 round high capacity AR-15 magazines and a large supply of .223 caliber ammunition. Pace was booked into jail on several weapons related charges.


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