Woman Arrested In September For Dealing Fentanyl Among 5 Arrested At Home Near Redding School

5 people suspected of dealing drugs near a Redding elementary school were arrested on Friday, according to Redding Police. Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit served a search warrant at the residence on the 10000 block of Frazier Road which is near Columbia Elementary School. Police said during the search they found drug paraphernalia and evidence of sales inside the home. 54-year-old Regginald Mathews, 40-year-old Vanessa Garcia, 48-year-old Tina Johnson, 42-year-old Joseph Broussard, and 56-year-old Eric Cooley were taken into custody on various drug related charges. Police began investigating the home in September after reports of heavy traffic going in and out of the home. Tina Johnson was previously arrested in September after officers stopped her vehicle in East Redding and later searched her home on Echo Road which is near Enterprise High School. They reportedly found an Ounce of powdered Fentanyl and 6 Ounces of Methamphetamine, as well many M-30 Fentanyl pressed pills, which are frequently sold as counterfeit pharmaceuticals.


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