3 Arrested After Reportedly Breaking Into Mountain Meadows Bible Camp

Heavy snow did not prevent Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies and a CHP Officer from busting some alleged burglars Tuesday evening. At 6:25PM employees of the Mountain Meadows Bible Camp called 9-1-1 to report that they could see remotely via their surveillance system as three intruders snooped around looking inside buildings at the unoccupied camp, which is located between Shingletown and Viola several miles south of Highway 44 off Long Hay Flat Road. Law enforcement responded, despite being in the midst of a heavy snowstorm on less-than-ideal road surfaces. A CHP Officer got there first and detained Joseph Huffman, Aaron Bosworth and Heidi Sindorf as they were on their way out in Huffman’s car. Deputies found that several buildings at the bible camp had been broken into and apparently tools, gas cans and other items were stolen. Surveillance footage was reviewed, the stolen items were reportedly found in Huffman’s car and the trio was arrested. Bosworth also reportedly laid claim to a loaded unregistered “ghost gun” semi-auto pistol and some Fentanyl.


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