Elections Department Still Counting Ballots, Update Expected Friday Evening

The Shasta County Elections Office estimates that 30,468 ballots remain to be counted from Tuesday’s General Election. There have been 36,218 counted so far, so some of the tight races could still go either way. Clerk and Registrar Cathy Darling Allen says her staff is still processing the ballots, including verifying signatures and voter eligibility. The number may increase as the office continues to receive correctly postmarked ballots through the 15th. The next updated results tally will be made public late Friday afternoon. As it now stands….
— In the District One Shasta County Supervisor race Kevin Crye leads Erin Resner by 193 votes.
— Similarly, Chris Kelstrom has a lead over Baron Browning of just 232 votes in the race for Shasta County Supervisor District 5.
— The Redding City Council, with three open seats, will almost surely retain Michael Dacquisto. The second and third place candidates Tenessa Audette and Jack Munns are less certain but still quite confidant, with a gap of 956 votes separating them from Alex Shea.
— For the two available seats on the Anderson City Council, Mike Gallagher and Dan Gallier are leading Amarjit Singh, who is in third place by a margin of 313 votes.
— For the Shasta Lake City Council, Justin Jones and Pam Morgan have a likely, but not certain, lock on the two open seats with third place candidate Tena Eisenbeisz trailing by 305 votes.
— The oddly contentious race for two seats on the Shasta County Board of Education is led by Arthur Gorman, an anti-Covid restriction activist who got in the face of County Registrar Cathy Darling-Allen on primary night in June. He has a healthy lead, followed by incumbents Steve Macfarland and Rhonda “Hookham” Hull, self-proclaimed “citizen journalist” Richard Gallardo and former recalled Shasta Lake City Councilor Deloros Lucero.


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